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Sign of things to come?
8:45 pm | April 18, 2012

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A quick glance at my notes, and it appears it was in July, 2011 that I _knew_ how I should sign. The only trouble was that it wasn’t anything close to how I had been signing for the past 26 years!

Till only recently, hardly anyone outside my immediate family knew that I had to learn to copy my own signature. Or the fact that I wasn’t too good at it, and the bank returned several cheques because my signatures didn’t match.

If it wasn’t for online payment portals and ATMs, it would have made for a very awkward visit to the bank, and presumably tons of paperwork.

So anyway, that sweaty night in July, out of the blue, I just knew how I should sign. But by that time I had successfully mastered my original signature. And so we decided to save us all the paperwork involved in officially changing one’s signature. However, I still use the _new_ signature to sign non-essential documents like courier receipts and restaurant feedback forms.

But I do wish I could get a Graphologist to look at the two signatures, especially since the two are so different. Are signatures really a reflection of one’s personality? Do mine say the same thing?

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